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How to apply for a place at James Elliman Academy.

You must apply for a place via Slough Borough Council.  The Council holds a waiting list if there are no places available for your child.

Once your child has been offered a place please collect an application form from the school.  Please complete the application form and return to the school together with the following documents:
Visiting the School
Please telephone the school to arrange a visit.

Requesting Appeal Documentation
the Independent School Appeals Panel of Slough Borough Council will hear appeals if your application has been unsuccessful.

Starting Primary School in September

Applying for a Reception Place
The closing date for applications please check on Slough Borough Council website: www.slough.gov.uk/schools-and-learning

If your application has been unsuccessful you must submit appeal documentation and must clearly state the reasons for the appeal. Appeals will be heard within 40 school days. All appeal dates are available on the Slough Borough Council website.

Applicants will be sent written notification of the appeal date at least 10 school days before the appeal hearing date unless the appellant has agreed that the notice period can be reduced.

For the Appeals timetable please click on the following link:-

Intake Meeting
If your child is offered a Reception place you will be invited to an intake meeting in July to meet the Principal, class teachers and admission staff.

Admission Documentation
 Admissions Policy 2017/18