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                                                    Parent Feedback

"The workshop was very informative. It's great that there's lots of lessons and activities regarding respecting differences and each child's unique qualities." 


"Thank you - it really clears many doubts and helped us understand what our children are learning under the heading of PSHE."


"I'm really surprised at how many and important things for life you are teaching our children. I'm very happy because of this reason. I remember when I went to school and only learning reading and writing. To teach children to be polite and respectful is very important. Thank you."


" Very well explained. Well worth my time."


"Hi everyone, It was a truly good informative session. I learned lots and appreciate the way you teach the children. Thank you."


"Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. It made me understand how the children progress over the years. I'm glad to know how much fun you make science!"


"Thankyou very much for the lovely presentation about the journey of learning through the school in each and every year of the children's stay with you. You have made a wonderful effort to teach them practically. I look forward to more workshops like this.". 


"I enjoyed this session. Thank you. Really helpful." 


" This session was really insightful. We would also like more sessions where you can give us help to support our children in writing." 


" I learnt lots of things. Very good." 


" Thank you for the opportunity and the great advice and knowledge provided. All staff were very professional and helpful!"


" It was amazing! Really useful and I have learnt many things on how to help my children more."


" I would like to say   - I really enjoyed the session and like the vending machine idea. Thank you."


" Great session. I would definitely recommend it in the future."


" Very nicely done!"


"Please can we have more sessions like this?"

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