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Staff Details 2020-21

Chief Executive and Federation Principal Dr Martin Young
Principal Mrs T Johal
Vice Principal - Inclusion and Safeguarding/Years 1-2 Mrs R Pinkney
Vice Principal – Years 3-4 Miss V Devshi
Early Years Lead Mrs J Chander
Chief Operating Officer  Mr Jas Sohal
Mrs V Mendis – Nursery Teacher 1 Hargreaves – Mrs N Tarmohamed and Mrs A Sadique
EYPs - Mrs A Shukla, Mrs E Evans, Mrs Z Parveen and Mrs V Lopez 1 Milne – Miss M Pashchuk
Donaldson - Mrs J Chander and Mrs S Bhattacharya 1 Waddell - Mrs C Hillarious - Year 1 Team Leader
Kerr – Mrs S Khan - Reception Team Leader  2 Ahlberg - Mrs C Constantinescu
Butterworth – Mrs P Gulati  2 Bond - Mrs C Walker - Year 2 Team Leader

EYPs- Mrs B Crabbe, Mrs N Afzal,

Ms L Baxter, Mrs S Begum and Mrs J Khan

2 Briggs – Mrs N Rasul and Mrs J Chima
  2 McNaughton – Miss D DeSantiago-Garcia
KS2 SEN Teachers
3 Carroll - Mrs S Weber -Year 3 Team Leader  Mrs H Mann - SENDCo
3 Child - Miss K Rutter Mrs R Pinkney
3 Kipling – Mr B Anwar Pupil Premium Support
4 Dahl - Miss A Riccardi Mrs S Hopkinson
4 Dickens – Mr A Emmett   
4 Lewis – Mrs R Routledge - Year 4 Team Leader HLTAs
4 Walliams - Miss L Reilly    Mrs S Ahmed
5 Benjamin- Miss L Dickson Mrs M Manane
5 Lane – Miss G Demirci Mrs S Munir
5 Pullman – Mr M Ali - Year 5 Team Leader Mrs D Sandhu
5 Rowling - Ms E Benjamin-Daley Mrs A Saghir
6 Horowitz - Miss A Ramzan - Year 6 Team Leader Mrs S Sharma 
6 Morpurgo – Ms F Mehar  
6 Pratchett - Mrs K Chirenje  
6 Shakespeare – Mrs S Lamb  
6 Tolkien - Mrs G Azram  
Administrative Staff
PA/Office Manager Mrs H Sohal
Finance Manager Mrs K Devereux
Finance Officer  Mrs K Patel
HR Officer Mrs A Kasprzyk
Receptionist     Miss K Morgan
Data/Attendance and Admissions Officer   Mrs B Simmons
Welfare Officer    Mrs A Hussain
Premises Team Mr R Simmons (Site Manager)
Mr F Hylton (Premises Assistant)
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