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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome, not just to a new year group, Year 3, but also to a new key stage! This is a year where the children learn to study in a more structured way. We, the teachers, understand that this can be challenging for many children so we are ready to support them in every way, helping them to deal positively with new challenges and develop their resilience and confidence alongside new routines in school, weekly spelling dictations for most, daily reading and a homework book to complete to support and broaden their in- class learning. They also learn that we have high expectations for each and every one of them. We expect them all to try their best.

In English, we will be building upon year 2 learning consolidating and developing the children’s knowledge of extended noun phrases, adverbial phrases, conjunctions and a range of punctuation. Spelling is a key focus as is handwriting. All children should be able to write a neat cursive hand by the end of year 3.You can help your child by practising these at home with lots of encouragement. Reading regularly a wide range of books as well as the school reading schemes, helps to embed spelling, punctuation and grammar. In Maths they will learn written and oral strategies for the 4 operations, as well as further geometry and fractions - learning their times tables is essential.


In Year 3 science, the children will investigate rocks and soils alongside learning about magnetic force and the life of plants. They will also learn about healthy eating and how muscles and bones help our bodies to move.

We encourage them to ask questions and propose their own answers to investigate more deeply. A popular topic is learning about Great Britain and her place in the world (very topical!) The children enjoy investigating other countries in Europe and, closer to home, about our local area. Digging more into the past, we take an in-depth look at the Romans in the summer term. We also learn about life in the Stone Age period

Later this term, there will be a Christmas production which we hope you will be able to come and watch. We have already taken part in one Federation sporting competition for basketball which while we did not win was a very positive experience for those who took part. In the summer term we will visit the Roman Museum where the children will be able to see real roman artefacts and remains.

All the year 3 teachers are excited to be teaching your children on the next stage of their academic careers and working with you to help them achieve their personal best.

ActionAid UK

ActionAid is an international charity that works with children living in poverty. Our dedicated staff and children are sponsoring children all over the World fighting poverty so that all children, everywhere, can create the future they want. For more information on the charity please visit :-


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