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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Fantastic news! These lucky children are in Year 4. This is a year in which we, the teachers, work to develop and encourage independence and confidence in what they can achieve in their learning.  So just what can you expect if you have a child in Year 4? The children already know the routines for Key Stage 2; they know that they need to read daily, complete the homework book each term, and learn spellings and they understand that they are expected to learn a lot in a year.

In Year 4, children will learn some great science topics. They will take a journey through the digestive system, make ice cream without a freezer and investigate sound and electricity. Our topic lessons will ignite their imagination. They will become archaeologists and enter the tombs of ancient Egyptians. They will use their enquiry skills to solve Saxon and Viking mysteries and they will journey to the centre of the Earth’s core, investigate geological forces and discover the awesome power of our planets natural forces.

In English, the teachers will be aiming to ensure that your Year 4 child knows and understands particular key skills such as: the correct use of apostrophes, commas, adverbial and prepositional phrases, expanded noun phrases and the correct use of inverted commas. You can help your child by ensuring they read a range of books regularly which will develop and build their vocabulary bank and grammar skills, which they can transfer into their writing. In maths, children are expected to recall their times tables accurately ready for the multiplication tables check in the summer term and develop and master their mathematical skills.

Throughout the year the children will experience learning outside the classroom. They will visit an ancient farm where they will experience Saxon life and visit the Natural History Museum to experience the dangers of an earthquake. At the end of the autumn term we look forward to inviting you to watch our Christmas production.

So that’s it —Year 4 at a glance. The teachers would like to wish all the children a happy, successful and fun year learning this exciting curriculum.




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ActionAid is an international charity that works with children living in poverty. Our dedicated staff and Children are sponsoring children all over the World fighting poverty so that all children, everywhere, can create the future they want. For more information on the charity please visit :-

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