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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Resilience, determination and perseverance are the key skills that children learn throughout their journey at JEA and year 6 is the year when all their hard work is put to the test. No pun intended!

The year 6 teachers work hard in September to build strong relationships with the children in order to best meet their individual needs. The focus is to ensure each and every child is prepared and equipped with skills that will support them to flourish in secondary school and beyond.


What is a typical day like in year 6?


By the time they reach us in Year 6, the children have built a strong foundation to meet the challenging curriculum. However, we know to achieve a child’s personal best, it is vital that key skills are constantly revisited such as, timetables, spelling and basic punctuation.

Every morning, the children’s reading records are checked to determine how often they read at home. It is an expectation that children need to read daily. Teachers and TA’s listen to any children that have not read to ensure they are not short of this key skill.  

In year 6, there is open communication with teachers, children and parents. Homework is a key factor and we ensure that each piece of homework is purposeful for the children and targeting any key areas of concern. Homework is given in books so children can revisit pieces of work giving teachers the opportunity to identify any misconceptions and consequently model the correct answer. This is especially beneficial for parents as it supports them in taking an active role in their child’s progress.


In Year 6, children will learn a multitude of topics in Maths, Reading, SPaG and Writing. Although not an exhaustive list, below are some of the topics your child will learn in maths this academic year.


  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Algebra
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Fractions – equivalent, adding, subtracting, improper and mixed
  • Geometry – properties of shapes and position and movement
  • Measurement – metric units, area, perimeter
  • Measurement – time and roman numerals
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Number and Place Value
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Statistics


With such a broad scope, it’s important that your child understands basic mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, before introducing more difficult topics such as algebra and ratio. We as a year group ensure that all children are confident in their learning before moving on to another topic.


In Reading, children follow a well-structured 4 day lesson sequence which equips them with the skills to answer different types of questions about unfamiliar texts in detail. Teachers’ model reading aloud and silent reading and we highlight the importance of reading across the curriculum. The children are taught to use their reading skills confidently to approach known/unknown texts which is imperative when preparing for the SATs. In year 6, the children learn a set of skills which support them in summarising, inferring and locating key information. At JEA we promote a love for reading and always build confidence in our children so that they are comfortable in tackling any book/text that they come across.


In English, your child is pushed to explore the depths of their imagination. We transport your child into the wonderful world of Narnia, they accompany Alice in the adventures of wonderland and even travel across different galaxies! Children are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and take risks when producing their pieces of writing. Teachers are in the classroom merely to ensure that children know the purpose of their writing and understand that good quality writing is the product of self-editing, peer editing and green box thinking. This builds on the child’s independence and allows them to challenge themselves free of any barriers. We encourage children to take pride in their work and ensure they consistently present clear and fluid handwriting. We want children to write with flare and so it is important that children draw on their own wider reader in order for each piece of writing to be unique. Children can be inspired by reading a range of books varying in genre and as an effect develops and builds their vocabulary bank and grammar skills, which they can transfer into their writing.


Year 6 children also have the opportunity to star in our Christmas production where they discover different faiths and beliefs. The Choices programme for follow for PSHE, helps children to build resilience and prepare for their journey into Secondary school. 


That is year 6 in a nutshell. We are very proud of the independent and thoughtful children that they grow into throughout this final year. The teachers would like to remind the children to always have a growth mindset, to remain positive and look forward to completing this challenging yet rewarding final year at JEA. Mistakes are not bad. In fact, we welcome them. 



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