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Online Safety
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Online Safety


Dear Parents/Carers,

We have been made aware of a real and particularly nasty viral post going round on the social media site known as TikTok. The company are dealing with the situation and it should be cleared within the next few days.

We wanted to inform you about this as you may want to temporarily prevent your children, and young people, within your family accessing the TikTok app until you are satisfied that TikTok have cleared the problem.

Please refer to the advice for parents as set out by e-Safety advisor, Alan McKenzie below. This information will help you to support your family in keeping safe on line and what to do if you see something concerning or upsetting in the future.

o    Remain calm and non-judgemental.

o    Talk to your children about what they would do if they sees saw nasty content and who they would talk to.

o    Be curious - where have they seen this content? Can that channel/account be blocked? Ensure that everyone (children and adults) know how to report content.

o    Don't treat 'online' different to real life, to children online is real life. In the same way that we would talk about their day at school, their friends etc. we should have regular discussions about what they are doing online and what to do if something is concerning or upsetting.

o    Please access Childline 0800 1111 and Papyrus 0800 068 4141 if you need further help or advice.

Kind Regards

Mrs Rebecca Pinkney

Vice Principal - Inclusion & Safeguarding