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Home Learning During Lockdown or Isolation


Dear Parents/Carers,

Whether your child is at home isolating for 14 days, or on full remote learning, they can still engage in education. They can log onto Google Classrooms and access the day to day lessons by their teachers that are continuing. If you are finding problems accessing Google Classroom, contact us using the details below, and we can assist you. Additionally, your child can log onto the following Government website for school work to do while they are at home. Please follow this link and select the year group your child is in: 


If there are multiple pupils in your family who are sharing devices for their learning, please see our section below  with tips on how to deal with that.

Practical Advice For Sharing Devices At Home

Year Group emails for Google Classroom

If you have any queries please email the class teachers for your child's class on the following emails:-


Nursery -

Reception -

Year 1 -

Year 2 -

Year 3 -

Year 4 -

Year 5 -

Year 6 -

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